Uncrowded lap swimming pool?

I am looking for a place I can swim laps and not have to circle. Most of the pools in the area seem to be busy, even during the "off hours" when lap swimming is offered. Can someone recommend a place I can swim semi-peacefully without having to circle? Thanks for any tips! (Don't worry ~ I won't tell anyone!)

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Two recommendations:

* Berkeley's Golden Bear Pool (you do not have to be a RSF member/student, at least as of a few years ago - you could just show up and buy a daily pool pass)

* Piedmont Community Pool. The cost to join for a non-resident adult is $850/year and $990/year for a whole family, so obviously it's more cost effective if the whole family joins and your kids swim, too. 

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Thornhill Montclair is always empty 

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Another two suggestions:

- The Claremont Club and Spa has multiple pools, including one just for adult lap swim.

- Alameda Swimming Pool Association.  If you take their lifesaving classes, you can get a key to the pools that allow you to swim during off hours.