UCSF Benioff Pediatric Primary Care

Hello -- I am pregnant with our first child and considering UCSF Benioff's pediatric primary care for our pediatrician. Does anyone have experience with them? Do the doctors have a normal case load or are they rushed and always running late? 

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Berkeley Pediatrics is affiliated with UCSF Benioff -- the pediatricians at Berkeley Peds round on their patients when they are inpatient at UCSF, for example. Might be a good middle ground for you. We've been very happy there.

Highly Highly recommend Dr. Diane Halberg at ucsf ben cho oakland. She always goes above and beyond in terms of care and has great support staff. My daughter has been her patient from birth to 17 years. She is the best doctor I have ever interacted with. Good Luck!

I took my twins here for a short time but we ultimately left. for clarity- we took my kids to UCSF benioff claremont clinic. My logic was that my twins had just left the NICU and seeing the same residents who had treated them made sense. 

However; the space is small and cramped; the staff are always late and every appointment takes twice as long because you see a resident first. I was once at a 3 mo old visit for over 2 hours. I would suggest going elsewhere (we did). 

I echo what Kate said below. We went to BCHO through the 18-month well-check since I gave birth at UCSF and thought it made sense but the consistently long wait times plus rundown facilities ultimately pushed us out. We loved our interactions with the residents (consistently saw the same one for about a year) but the attending doctors were always different and very hit or miss— the worst one had zero bedside manner and made us very uncomfortable. It was also a pain to schedule with our resident that we knew we liked - seemed like she was only there a few days/month.
We signed my son up for One Medical and seeing toys in the waiting room plus getting out of there in under an hour for his 2 year well check felt so luxurious!

I do think if my son had any kind of acute health concern I would prefer to be under the UCSF system and would appreciate the extra eyes.