UC Blue & Gold for prenatal / delivery care?

Hi all,

Trying to decide on health insurance plan through UCBerkeley, and weighing Blue and Gold vs. Kaiser vs. the PPO plan.  

Anyone able to give thoughts on the Blue and Gold network for prenatal and labor/delivery? 

We'd ideally be interested in working with midwives in as low intervention space as possible. We're currently with Kaiser, but just started in July, so don't have a ton of experience with them either, and trying to decide if we'd prefer to be on Blue and Gold. 

Any additional reasons to go for one or the other also welcomed. We're also considering the PPO, but it's so much more expensive that it's hard to rationalize. 



ps- in case it's relevant we would be trying for VBAC

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I'm not familiar with Blue and Gold, but recently game birth at Pacifica, an out of hospital birth center which might fit your preference of working with midwives in a low intervention space. They encourage people to choose PPOs at that usually works best with their fee structure. They are out of network for everyone and so PPOs usually pay the most of their fees (which are significantly less than a hospital birth fyi). I don't know if this is helpful but hope it is.