Twin XL bed frame, mattress

Hi all,

My tall teen is outgrowing his twin bed. For reasons of space and cost we are probably limited to replacing it with an XL one. The frame can be minimal but I’d like a decent and chemical-free mattress. IKEA does not carry this size. Does anyone know a good source for this combination?


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Try Famous Foam Factory on San Pablo at Channing — we got an organic XL twin mattress (and frame) for our teen a few years ago here. 

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Did you happen to try Macy’s? I had this exact same issue, and even though I ended up getting a Queen (very basic frame), I was very happy with their selection and prices. In fact, that mattress is way more comfortable than mine! I just don’t remember if they have the twin XL, but worth a look. 

RE: Twin XL bed frame, mattress ()

We bought our mattresses at Nest Bedding in Albany and can recommend them. They’re not cheap, but they were the most affordable chemical-free mattress we were able to find at the time.