Tween Girl Birthday Party Ideas?

Seeking current recommendations, suggestions, and best practices for a birthday party for 10-15 4th grade girls! In the winter, so the plan needs to be indoors. I'm not opposed to doing it at our small house, but feel like I would need an outside entertainer or very specific activities to throw at them. I'm also fine with an offsite destination, bowling or similar (is that cool enough for your average 10 year old girl?!), but getting a bit of sticker shock at the cost for a big group. (It would be hard to pare down the number of guests due to girl friend dynamics.)   H-E-L-P....!

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My daughter had an ARF party at that age and loved it. ARF is in Walnut Creek. 

A girlfriend of mine just did a party for the same grade (but boys) - she rented a Hummer limo and they just drove around town, stopped for ice cream, then drove to the park to play - they had hats and balloons in the car, music - everyone had a blast. She said it was a lot less than renting some party place etc. Just an idea - I think it held 15. Good luck!

It really depends on what they are into, but some things we did when my kids were tweens: 

--scavenger hunt at a mall (make up a list of things to find, break them into teams, have them take photos of each thing)

--tie-dye (could have a "hippie" theme) 

--karaoke (rent or borrow a karaoke machine, have fun glam accessories; could have a "Divas" theme) 

--movie marathon (with popcorn, red vines, etc. Can get fun movie-related party decor.)  

--spa theme (facials, manicures, etc.) 

Have fun! 

My daughter had her 10 year old party at Albany Bowl and it was a hit.  She and her friends loved it. (so i think cool enough) She went to an Albany bowl party and wanted the same and we've been to a few more since then as well.  In addition to them having fun,  I think it was one of the most affordable party we've thrown for her, and it was definitely the easiest.  They have all the details on their website about costs and what you provide verses what they provide.