Tutor wanted for sophomore with learning disabilities

Hi-I am looking for a tutor for my high school sophomore who has significant dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and dyslexia. She needs someone who can sit with her and help her with her homework, as it has been a big struggle for her, and it's getting progressively more difficult in high school. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

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Try Classroom Matters. We have used a tutor from there this year and last school year. Both tutors have been excellent. https://www.classroommatters.com/

I recommend Classroom Matters in Berkeley on Sacramento @ Dwight.  You pay privately and I think they do a good job matching up students with tutors. It seems to me that most kiddos these days who need tutoring have ADHD and/or dyslexia or other LD’s. My daughter had tutoring 3x/week via Zoom last year and it really helped. Executive Functioning was the primary help.  They reviewed her Google classroom tasks together then worked on HW. Often it was reading, her biggest challenge. It is expensive. 
Are you working with your school system for accommodations via an IEP or other avenue? In my experience the dyslexia support in Berkeley is extremely limited. For example, in reading my daughter tested at 15th percentile which they considered “average” therefore not requiring additional help. 
So frustrating!
Good Luck!