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I want to go tubing with my 12 year old around Lake Tahoe. I would pay more to get the best place since this is a special treat.  A place where a lift or a magic carpet takes you back up to the top is preferred. What is the best place to go?  I looked at the reviews and each place seemed to get bad reviews. I kind of dread waiting on huge lines each time we want to go back up. Suggestions?

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I've only been tubing once in Tahoe and it was at Donner. I remember it being super crowded, but it's possible that we went on a holiday weekend -so there's that.

Here's an alternate idea: a few years ago we bought a country home in Sonora, which is just off the 108 heading up to Twain Harte and Dodge Ridge, etc. (For location context: when you're heading to Yosemite on the 120 and you get to that one spot where you have to turn right to stay on the 120, if you were to go straight it turns into the 108. Sonora's just a bit further up that road.) Anyway, now that we're up here so much we found a great place to go tubing called Leland's High Sierra Snow Play. https://www.snowplay.com/ It's usually not too crowded and they do have a lift. It's really an awesome place to go! Feel free to get in touch if you have more questions.


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You have many choices.  Boreal, Squaw, Donner, Soda Springs, Echo Summit, South Lake Tahoe.  But that's where everyone goes so expect there to be crowds.  Read reviews as some of these places are more coinvent, than great. Check out the large play area by Mt. Rose on 431.  There are play places on 88, 4 and 108. (Less crowded)  I've never been, but Granlibakken might be what you are after.

Have fun and watch the weather and road conditions.  It just took us 21 hours to get to LA from Oakland due to snow and road closures.