trombone teacher for 11-year-old?

My newly-minted middle schooler has some of the basics of trombone already, thanks to Berkeley's elementary school music program, but I'd like to find him some private lessons so that he can start sounding less like a tortured elephant. I've checked the archives and the most recent recommendations date for 2010. Berkeley-based would be best, but I'm open to the whole East Bay. Thank you!

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Highly, highly recommend Andy Strain. He was recommended to us by BUSD music teacher Ms. Sawyer and my daughter has been taking lessons for about a year. He is creative and different and wow, really manages to make music FUN while also pushing my daughter to learn and achieve more. My daughter can sometimes be a tough student, and Andy seems to always know how to handle it just right. Honestly, I think he's an absolute genius as a trombone teacher. strain.andrew [at] Good luck!

Craig McAmis in Oakland is a great player and wonderful human. Not sure if he’s taking on new students these days but wouldn’t hurt to ask. cmcamis [at]

Check out Owen Keaveny! He is a senior at Berkeley High School and is on the BHS Jazz website list of recommended student trombone teachers. He's first trombone (section leader) of the award-winning BHS Jazz Ensemble and also plays for the SF Jazz All-Star High School Band. Last year, he played with the Jazz Conservatory Studio Band and toured with them this summer in Europe. He's given private trombone lessons to elementary and middle school kids, was a CIT for a soccer camp, and generally has a really easy-going and approachable manner. But I may be a little biased since he's my son :) Lessons can be at our North Berkeley house or yours. His email is: owenk2016 [at]

My son (10th grader) has been taking lessons from a wonderful young man, Danny Lubin-Laden, for the past 2 years (510) 295-8057. He's a really nice guy, very supportive, and seems to be helping my son get better. Danny comes to our house (Berkeley) for the lesson. He also leads trombone sectionals at Berkeley High for students in jazz bands.