TRIS - Drop-off/Commute Options

Would love to hear about your experiences with drop off at The Renaissance International School, and commute options from there to get to SF.  We have a spot at TRIS for the Summer but concerned about the impact on our commute to SF as we live much closer to Grand Lake Montessori which offers curbside drop off.  

thank you!  

Parent Replies

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Assuming you're talking about TRIS' Primary campus (on Dimond) and not the Elementary campus (on Park), there is a Transbay bus that runs down MacArthur not far from the school. I believe it is the NL line. If you can find a way to get your child from home to school without using your car (bike? Another bus?), you could drop off your child and then hop on the bus to SF. Parking your car by the school all day would not be an option, unfortunately, as most of it is metered and the street is always jammed with cars. 

The drop-off process itself at Primary is okay if you arrive by 8 or 8:15 a.m. There is a parking lot for the school's use, and you just have to walk a short way down the street to the classrooms and sign in at the binder. Probably a 10-minute process, total. If you arrive closer to 8:30, it can be chaotic trying to find parking (but there is an attendant to assist if needed). 

Hopefully you can make it work with minimal disruption to your morning schedules, as TRIS is a really great school!