Trend of decrease in large birthday parties?

Has anyone noticed a decrease in the number of large birthday parties hosted for kids?  My kids still have a lot of birthday parties to go to as before (they are very social) but the vast majority of them have been small parties (5-10 guests only).  I have 3rd grader so thought it was just him getting older, but I see the same happening with my youngest who is only in first grade.  I remember a few years ago most of the parties were large (25-30 kids) invited and now most are so much smaller.  I need to start planning my kids' parties and need to tell them how many kids they can invite and am wondering if there is an overall trend to move to smaller parties or if it is just a coincidence that all the parties this year were on the smaller side. 

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I don’t know what the trend is because my position has always been that there is no obligation to throw a party for my child’s entire class and I’m not interested in being friends with any family that holds such a rigid view. Our kids have winter birthdays so we can’t just reserve a free picnic area and invite thirty families for snacks and frisbee. Our house isn’t large enough to accommodate dozens of people. And we’re not wealthy enough to drop $1000+ on a thirty-kid party at one of the indoor party places. So we’ve had relatively small parties at our house and our kids have learned that their birthdays don’t dominate the family budget. They have fun and no one is any worse for the wear. 

I think you don't need to consider a "trend" or not, just consider what works for you and your kids. We had a couple of big parties at parks when my daughter was younger, but then as she got older she preferred a small group to go to, for example, a movie or water park; by age 12 she didn't want to have birthday parties at all because she was uncomfortable feeling like the host and it wasn't fun for her any more. What was trending never crossed my mind.