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I am looking for recommendations for a clinic to take my 17 year old son for vaccines he needs for travel to Asia this summer - specially typhoid and malaria.  We have insurance but it own't cover this.

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AITC Travel Clinic & Immunizations, 101 Grove Street, Suite 102, in the Civic center. Exceptionally well run and worth the trip (pun intended)!

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I have lived in Asia for 7+ years and travelled extensively in most parts.  Malaria vaccines and/or pills/treatments aren't necessary, provided you travel with a good bug repellant (like Parakitos wrist bands, clothing stickers, or the like.)  Typhoid Vaccine is probably a good idea, but, sorry, I can't recommend a discounted place to get one.  But if you go to YELP for Bay Area and type in "Travel Vaccinations", a list of clinics does come up, including the Berkeley Free Clinic.