Trauma therapist?

Seeking a therapist, preferably in or near Berkeley, who has experience with clients who have a trauma background. Someone experienced in helping adults who suffered various types of abuse as children, though not specifically sexual abuse - more emotional, physical abuse and neglect. Have you worked with a therapist on the sometimes arduous task of healing from such a background, or do you know someone who has?  Can you recommend a therapist who is skilled in this type of work?  Your recommendations are appreciated; thanks. 

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Different topics in question but also trauma; I've found the Trauma Recovery Center on 12th St. in Oakland to be very effective.

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I recommend Karen Finch in Albany karenjfinch [at]  510-334-7482  She's really helped me and she's a gem.  Best of luck to you and don't lose hope.  I also highly recommend the new book "Journey through Trauma " by Gretchen Schmelzer.  GREAT guidebook about how to navigate and survive recovering from trauma - the recovery can feel as daunting as the original terrible experience.  But it's worth it.  XOXO

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I’ve been working on healing my childhood traumas with Anneli Richards.

My traumas are related to difficulties with early attachment, emotional trauma and neglect. I have been in a lot of therapy over the years and this work feels like it is directly addressing my concerns. This book is supporting me in this work:  Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors, Overcoming Internal Self-Alienation by Janina Fisher. 

Anneli is very attuned to me and has a tremendous range of skills and knowledge. She is in San Rafael but is worth the drive. 

Best wishes to you.