Transportation help for seniors?

My elderly parents can no longer safely drive and need transportation assistance. We're able to drive them sometimes, but they'd also like to feel more independent and not have to ask us all the time. They're not super comfortable using Lyft/Uber. We're wondering if there are ride services catering to seniors, or if it's possible to hire someone on a regular part-time basis to drive them for errands and appointments a few times a week. Any advice or referrals would be really appreciated!

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My parents, who are not particularly tech savvy, had good luck using Lyft when they gave up driving early this year - if your parents' resistance is to booking with the app, in many places Lyft has a number seniors can call instead. And we found that their town even had an arrangement with Lyft to provide a certain number of free rides to seniors every month within city limits. You may also want to see if their town offers other forms of senior transportation - some do. This website has more info about Lyft (including the number to call to book by phone) and some other options for seniors (and has been a good all-around resource as we moved them into assisted living and navigated other changes):  Ultimately, the right answer for them was an assisted living facility which offered local transportation, but Lyft was a good interim measure.

Look into Ashby Village if they are in Berkeley or Oakland. It is community of members with the goal of keeping seniors in their homes. There are volunteers who drive people, and professionals who guide and manage programs. I looked at the website yesterday and was pleased to see the names of many people I have known in the community and professional life over the years.

We used SilverRide for my mother in law. She felt safe in their vehicles and said their drivers were courteous, friendly and attentive. They will wait at appointments, shopping etc. which  eliminated the stress of scheduling a return trip. Rides can be set up online or by phone; online only 24 hours or more prior, otherwise they need to call.  Not inexpensive but totally worth the security.  

Some years back, my parents used East Bay Paratransit operated by the City of Oakland.  You can check if other cities have such services too.

Also, perhaps Self-Help for the Elderly.