Transferring out of WCC school district and into BUSD

How hard is it to get approval for an inter-district transfer out of WCC, and how hard is it for BUSD to accept it for high school? Should we even try? My kid wants to attend BIHS if he can get in within BHS so it’s a specific program the HS we are zoned for does not have. That’s the reason for the transfer request. What has been your experience with these two districts granting such transfers? Advice appreciated. Thank you. 

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It sounds like you are in good shape for your release request. We have an authorized transfer (from WCCUSD to a different district) and cited a program not offered within WCCSD. We had no problems with the WCCUSD transfer office. However, I don't know how open BUSD is to receiving transfers. Looking forward to the answers as I also have a WCCUSD child who wants to go to BHS (in a couple years).

Hi, there. My information is pretty old - and I see another responder who has more recent experience, nevertheless... Our late BUSD middle school coach tried to transfer his kids into BUSD from WCCSD a few years back. The transfer was approved from the BUSD side (he was an employee of the after school program), but WCCSD wouldn't release the transfers. So, no go. 

Another important consideration is that BHS Independent Study - which is a brilliant program - does fill up; they have limited openings. So, if you do get the transfer approved from both sides, there still may not be room in IS.

Best of luck.

I have no first hand experience as a transfer but I have kids at BHS. BUSD's enrollment is down 6% thanks to  horrific distance learning last year and those students haven't made their way back to the district. I don't know about the numbers at the high school - it feels as crowded as ever. You don't mention your son's age. You may know this, but BHS does universal 9th grade and at the end of that year, they rank which small school they want. It isn't a guarantee, although from what I understand, BIHS is pretty easy to get into. 

BUSD, like most CA districts, is hungry for students, so it's definitely worth trying.