Transfer to Connecting Waters as Senior?

Hi, I have a junior who has been in private school since kindergarten, thanks to financial aid. That all came crashing down this February after he missed too much school due to stress related illness, and we were abruptly counseled out (ie forced to withdraw). This has been a traumatic process in some ways, but his stress level has improved... Hmmm. He is finishing up second semester core classes (English, alg 2,American history) at a very expensive 1:1 school. But senior year is not an option there, financially. And he is refusing regular HS. I've been looking at independent study programs. We live in SF and I am waiting to hear back from Independence, but I wanted to hear about folks' experience with Connecting Waters. He will have completed almost all of the graduation requirements listed on their website. We have decided not to go to a 4 year college, even tho he will have all his a-g other than senior English... less stress is better right now. He is turning 18 this summer, and I would prefer him to end up with a diploma from an accredited school, instead of the chspe or ged. But I am utterly clueless in how a charter independent school program works day to day. Looking at CW"s graduation requirements, he may only need econ, gov, health, and career. Am I crazy to consider this an option? How do these classes work? Is it all online, workbooks, and monthly meetings? Or once our missing grad reqs are figured out by CW do we work with them to develop the needed approach? Obviously I have a lot of questions. Any answers are appreciated.

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We have been with Connecting Waters East Bay for 2 1/2 years after expensive private and 1:1 school.  You have choice in how to set up your son's curriculum and classes.  You are paired with an educational specialist who works with you to ensure you are meeting graduation requirements.  Contrary to what many people think about "homeschool", this is the first model where we have had many options.  Jr. College classes, online classes, Independent choose.  They give you money to pay for approved vendors, books, etc. which is very helpful.  If you want to speak more message me offline. (I'm not sure how that works as I am tech challenged!) GOOD LUCK!

We have been at Connecting Waters Charter for three years and it has been a blessing. The previous poster was right. Public charters are about options for parents and students. Based on his interests and your family rhythm you create your schedule. Our family came to Connecting Waters stressed out but since our child's ed and extracurricular program is individualized the focus is what works for him. My child is completing the sixth grade and the homeschool/independent studies model that Connecting Waters offers has enabled him to progress academically that if he decides to go to a university or vocational school he will have the confidence and self-motivation to do the work. However, it is important to keep up with school communication and the learning periods to turn assignments in. Education Specialists at CWCS are great and helpful. They will definitely help in developing your program. Finally, Connecting Waters East Bay starts early so at the beginning of August try to get as much admin work done. Feel free to contact me offline if you like. Good Luck!