Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy In Oakland for Treatment Resistant Depression ?


Has anyone tried or had any experience with TMS? Looking for help for my wonderful, depressed 25 year old son, who has treatment resistant depression.

Thank you 


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Hi Sean,

I did TMS with a Kaiser referral to Bay TMS in Berkeley. After six weeks of daily M-F treatments ~30-45 minutes each, I received  approval to continue for 10 weeks total. During the treatments, I wore noise reducing headphones and listened to audio meditations.

The experience was great and my depression has since been in remission. 

Hope this is helpful!


Check out the
Theta Burst TMS studies at Stanford

A colleague of mine has had treatment-resistance depression for many years and tried TMS several months ago. Since then she has consistently said that she has never felt better. For her, it has made an enormous difference. Just an anecdote ...

Bay TMS in downtown Berkeley is good.  It worked well for me  and they were very supportive.