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I'm over 60 and looking for a personal trainer who has experience with rehab, especially spinal rehab. Trainers like this are difficult to find and I don't know where to look. I'm looking for strength training. I know gyms are closed now but I'm beginning my search; maybe some will make home visits or we can begin virtually. Thanks for any recommendations! 

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I wrote this a few years ago in BPN: My trainer is Zechariah Whittington, 510 417 9224.  His studio is near Target, by the highway.  He is fantastic, incredibly well educated about physiology and the like.  He works with my retired husband, my 23 year old son, and I began with him when I was home-bound with a broken leg.   He does different exercises for each of us because we all have different needs, strengths, weaknesses.  The more sessions you purchase in advance, the cheaper they are.  So I bought the largest package and it's basically $65 per session.  A friend of mine referred him to me; her daughters see him as well.  He's a terrific person, super responsible and a great guy.      Update during Covid:  we meet him outside during Covid but don't know about home visits.  Worth a call.   good luck. 

I recommend my personal trainer, Pam Grimm at Her email is pgfit [at] She has helped me recover from numerous injuries!

Hi there,

I want to pass along my trainer's info.  He has experience with this and is currently doing safe in person training. He lives in Berkeley.

His name is Bryce Roos and his number is 310-359-5550 and email is Brycetraining [at]  I've been working with him for three years and highly recommend.  I have back issues and he really helped me throughout and after my pregnancy.



Fabien Wilkinson is incredibly knowledgeable, personable and effective. He just opened a gym but I think he does virtual training and may consider house calls.