Traffic/noise around El Cerrito High School

We are considering moving near El Cerrito High School and I'm wondering what the traffic is like around there at school start/end and on Friday nights. I know that the best way to experience this would be to get over there myself but unfortunately my schedule won't allow it. If you live near there or have a student at that school and have any insight I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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We live close, 4 blocks, away from El Cerrito High and I pass by the school when going to work. It’s not a big deal. There’s some traffic but it really doesn’t impact anything. I’m not sure how it is for residence as the students are parking on the streets close by.  

I live just down the hill from ECHS. There is definitely vehicle and foot traffic at the beginning and end of the school day (I don't know the exact times) and the noise level is about what you'd remember from high school. Friday nights during football season are the loudest, and there are weekend events that bring in a lot of cars but apart from these times it's really a quiet and pleasant neighborhood. One thing I would add is that there is often a lot of garbage right around the school (and I see kids throwing it on the the ground) but it doesn't seem to migrate too far. We've been very happy living in El Cerrito. 

Traffic is not bad but it depends what your baseline is (where you are coming from). As you alluded to, there is higher traffic on Ashbury and Colusa during commuter hours (school start and end times) but only adds 10 min max additional drive time. Regarding noise, generally it isn't bad but from time to time there will be Friday night football game or a practice where the speakers are blasting music but this is less than 10x a year.  In general, the streets surrounding the school are peaceful and lovely:)


My parents and I moved to a house right by Ashbury and Lincoln, so I'm very knowledgeable about the noise from ECHS! To be frank, it is very noisy when there is a football game. You can hear the announcers and the band super clearly for the entire game. Plus the lights are super bright and can be on after the game has finished. Traffic is pretty bad but generally only for ~20 minutes around pick up and drop off times. Hope this helps! Happy to answer more specific questions if you have them.

The thing that bothers me the most - I am a block and a half away, is the trash. The students get food at 7-11 and the plaza and just throw their trash wherever. It's especially bad on game days. 

It's clear it's the students because there is no trash problem during school breaks. 

I've picked up a grandchild there at the end of the day, and it is pretty busy. Driving is tricky because so many teens are pretty non-directional when they cross the street. On the other hand, I think it calms down within an hour of the end of the school day.

We live one block away on a quiet street, we don’t have problems with trash nor traffic. During game days there is a bit of noise and lack of street parking. Overall we are happy. A big plus are the neighbors, everyone is so nice and helpful!