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My "young adult kid" got a moving violation several months ago and the citation is still not showing up when they try to look it up online using the Alameda County website. Can anyone in the community report on how long it took before their ticket showed up on the website? Does it really take several months? Do they eventually send a letter by USPS?

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Several years ago I got a ticket and kept checking the system for over a year, but it never appeared and I never got anything in the mail. I guess the cop just never turned in the ticket and so it was never processed. Perhaps your kid will be equally lucky.

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Hi there!  I work for the Superior Court and that sounds really unusual.  Most citations are available online within 48 hours, although that can vary depending on which specific local law enforcement agency issued the ticket.  But in any event, it shouldn't take several months. 

I would suggest you reach out to one of our Traffic offices (whichever one is closest to the agency that issued the ticket).  Here's the contact information (I would start by emailing, as phone wait times can be long).

  Clerk's Office - Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse  Clerk's Office - Fremont Hall of Justice  Clerk's Office - East County Hall of Justice510-627-4700510-818-7500925-227-6700asktraffic [at]

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I got a rolling stop violation in Berkeley 10 or so years ago, and the cop never turned it into the system. Essentially it was a warning although he didn't say that at the time.