Track, Running Club for Middle-school kids


I have a 12 year old who runs for her Middle-school  cross country and track program. Those programs sort of start and end suddenly and there are never enough coaches to train the kids. She would love to get better and do runs with other kids-she is not ready to go out running the roads of Berkeley yet!

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Raptors is a fun, relaxed, supportive running club that my son participated in until recently, while he was in middle school. They meet Sunday mornings at Albany Middle School.

Hi there-- my daughter loves to run as well; she's almost 13 years old. She also runs for her middle schools XC & track program.

On weekends and after school, she runs with the Raptors and the coaches are wonderful: She would love to have a friend there!

There is a great youth running club called Raptors Running which works out variously at the Albany High track, King Middle School Track, or goes on trail runs. They focus on technique - healthy running! - so important for growing teens - especially girls, whose center of gravity changes as they develop. (As I can attest from personal experience: my daughter wound up with two different stress fractures because her HS coach had them run too many junk miles.)

They do charge a membership fee, but that really just covers the uniform (which is cool) and membership fees to the US Track association for the runner; the coaches all work for free, just because they love promoting the sport. The coaches really know how to coach for good form and core strength.