Cloth Tote Bag Overflow

Hello Berkeley Parents - over the years we have accumulated a lot of cloth tote bags. Does anyone know of an organization that accepts them (for reuse or recycle)? Very clean. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 

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RE: Cloth Tote Bag Overflow ()

find a community fridge or community pantry near you and leave the tote bags there!

or see if a local thrift store (or friends of the library book store) wants them (to use as bags for customers' purchases)

RE: Cloth Tote Bag Overflow ()

My son and I deliver groceries via the Berkeley Food Pantry down on 9th near University, much of which is packed in cloth bags. It seems like they always need bags, so maybe ask them.

RE: Cloth Tote Bag Overflow ()

Thanks for the tips - I'll contact the Berkeley Food Pantry. And thanks for thinking of the Friends of the Library, but I'm asking on behalf of them. We are inundated with bags (and books) right now!  Cathy Brown