Tongue tie - recommendations for release via scissors (frenotomy)

Hi parents,

I have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl who is tongue tied. We had a frenectomy done via laser with Dr Yazdi (pediatric dentist in Castro Valley) on day 12 but unfortunately she's still tongue tied. The cause of the re-attachment is unclear - we did the exercises but there was an inflammation that points to a healing process that likely impeded success. We've been seeing a craniosacral therapist (cannot recommend Andrea Byers enough!) and bodywork has helped too. At this point, we are making a decision on a second revision. I'd love to hear a) recommendations for Bay Area practioners that are really good at a scissors release (don't want to do laser again because of all the scar tissue / how she healed after it) and b) any experience you all have with a re-release. Did it help breastfeeding? Did it "work" the second time around?

Thank you in advance!

Best, Kelly

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My son who is now a year was also tongue tied. When he was 2 weeks old we had a release performed by Dr. Erin Simms Edwards, a pediatric Ear Nose and Throat surgeon in Berkeley who performs releases with scissors. It helped tremendously. My baby was unable to transfer milk with breastfeeding before the operation and within about 5-6 days he was able to breastfeed on his own. I found Dr. Simms Edwards to be straight forward, clear, honest, and gentle. She came recommended to me by a number of lactation consultants (through Alta Bates, a private LC, and an LC through our pediatrician's office). They each independently seemed to have a lot of trust in her. They said she is cautious and won't do the procedure unless she's sure it's needed. With my son she was immediately able to diagnose that he was tied. 

Good luck! I hope you can get it all resolved soon. 

We used Dr. Simms-Edwards in Berkeley to clip a tongue tie when my son was just a few days old and she was excellent. She was recommended by our pediatrician. It went very fast and healed just fine. I highly recommend her.