Toddler sudden sleep woes

My just-turned-2 year old daughter has mostly slept well and gone to bed easy. We've had a consistent bedtime routine since 2 months. She doesn't always sleep through the night completely, but mostly she's gone down easily. The last two weeks there's been a sudden change where there are battles at every stage of the bedtime routine. Some of them seem like standard toddler stuff ("jammie time" "no!") ("one more book") and I would love input on how to handle that. 

But the one that really baffles me is when it's time for her crib she starts saying "sleep on the floor" and cries/arches when I try to put her in her crib. I entertained this as a transitional step and she would relax on the floor with her paci and blanket for awhile but when I'd try and move her to the crib then, it was the same idea, crying and saying "sleep on the floor." So it was endless. Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable yet leaving her in her room unattended and out of the crib overnight. Any thoughts on what could be motivating this request and how to respond? Other than "too bad" and putting her in her crib where she cries for 10-20 minutes before falling asleep, which is more or less what I've been doing.

[Moderator Note] see past advice "Toddler Won't Stay in Crib"

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