Toddler-friendly lodging on Kauai?

We're planning to spend a few weeks this spring in Kauai with our toddler (will be 2 years and change) and new baby (will be ~3 months). Neither my husband nor I have ever been to Hawaii before, and we're hoping to have easy access to toddler-friendly activities (e.g. the beach), given that we'll also be taking care of a small baby at the same time.

I've looked at a few Airbnbs that seem nice - walking distance from the beach and also from parts of town that have restaurants, etc - but they all have extremely strict cancellation policies. Given that this trip is several months out, baby isn't even born yet, who knows what COVID will be like, etc - we'd like to find a place to stay with a bit more flexibility around cancellation, etc.

I'm generally not a resort person, but it seems like it may be our only option. Anyone have good family-friendly resorts they recommend? Or any other accommodations you'd recommend that meet our criteria?

Thank you!

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We stayed at Kaanapali resort in Maui when my son was around 3. Its a condo near the beach. I remember it having a small pool also. We found it very useful since it came with a kitchenette. But this was many years ago. So you should Google it for updated info, especially bec of Covid.

Best Wishes for your new baby!

We were just in Kauai this August with a family that had a toddler and an infant, and we stayed at an Airbnb while they stayed at the Sheraton resort in Poipu. The Sheraton looked great as it was beachfront and should have the flexible Marriott cancellation policies - however, the beach is not gentle enough for littles (big waves). That said, Poipu Beach with a shallow wading pool is just a 5 min drive away. Overall, highly recommend this location if you are keen on a resort.

Having traveled to Hawai'i many times, including with young kids/babies, I recommend the resort route. You want to keep it simple and the last thing you want is to have to get in the car to go to the beach. So ideally beachfront with a pool. Many larger options can also help arrange childcare if you want to grab an adult dinner one night. (You'll want a break!)  

In terms of specific recommendations - it all depends on budget/points.  Nearly every resort on Kauai will be very kid friendly up to the highest end.  You will quickly see that you are one of MANY families flying with babies/young ones which is a huge relief when you board the plane.  There may be some boutiques that are more special interest oriented (none come to mind on Kauai but, for example, on Maui we stayed 1 night as a yoga-focused resort with a young kid and was fine and they were welcoming and I enjoyed the property but our kids were the only ones under 20 so, you know). Don't worry, as long as you get a good location you'll have a great time. Enjoy! 

We are not resort people and like to have our own place.  We stayed at Little Grass Shack | Poipu Rental | Kauai Vacation Rentals

It is right off Baby Beach.  We loved it!

I went to Poipu in May with my then almost 3 year old. We rented a house on VRBO that was 1 block walk to Poipu Beach Park which has a large grassy area, playground, shade, soft sand and a shallow, protected, super kid friendly swimming area. The house we rented had everything we needed for toddler fun (sand toys, wagon, etc) which made it really easy. I believe it had a 30 day advance notice full money back cancellation policy. Maybe not as flexible as you'd like but it worked really well for us. 

Although it’s been a few years, Kiahuna Plantation was the perfect place on Kauai for toddlers.  Large lawn where you could run around or kick a ball, right near the beach where you could build sand castles.  We went with a 2 year old and then a 5 and 2 year old and it was perfect.