Toddler carseat 2020 update? and local place to buy?

Looking for a new carseat for our 24 month old. I see online they go for upwards of $400. Does anyone have experience w/ current models and have one to recommend, that is not tip top of the line luxury style? Also, is there a local bay area business we could support when we do purchase? Thanks in advance. 

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I highly recommend Tot Tank in Alameda! They're a family-owned business and are very knowledgeable about all baby/kid gear, etc. We've bought several of our larger baby/toddler items from them -- car seats, strollers, wagon, etc. They also do car seat installations/checks throughout the life of the car seat to make sure it's properly installed.  

Hi, we are very happy with our Diono brand carseat. It has metal in it, instead of just foam and plastic, which feels more secure if there were a side collision. We bought it from Tot Tank on Park St in Alameda and were extremely happy with them. The employees were very knowledgeable and helped us pick the right carseat for us, and then they have an approved/certified person to install it correctly and show you how. I highly recommend them. 

We have been very happy with the Graco 4ever DLX. I like it cause it converts to a booster seat eventually and you can take the cover off to wash it without having to take the whole seat out. Got excellent safety ratings and is comfy too. Amazon has it for around $260 at the moment. Unfortunately Im not familiar with any local Bay Area owned businesses - that is mom and pop shops. We got ours at buy buy baby Pleasanton.

Depends on if you're forward facing or rear facing, but we've had a good experience with Clek seats that we paid $330 and under for. Also the Chicco nextfit has lasted many years both rear and forward facing for us. Tot Tank in Alameda is great, it's a mom and pop shop and they go over car seat safety with you in detail. 

In the next month I have to change my baby car seat (the one that she have is until 18 months aprox)
I have seen 3 models that can be use until 120 lb and can be rear facing until 50 lb (the rest are until 40 lb) the other thing i loves of this 3 are the security features. The thing I don't love is the price
This are:
Britax One4life (tot tank in Alameda)
Nuna Exec (magic Beans in Boston free delivery)
Diono don't remember the model (I think that magic bean have it)

Other cheaper option is the Graco 4ever o the slim fit

But because your baby is already 2 years it can be forward facing like the grow with you of Britax that starts with 25 lb (sorry I don't know the weight of a 2 year baby 😅)