Toddler bed/tri-fold recommendations


We're a co-sleeping family with a two year old and are about to have another at the end of August. We're hoping to transition to a bed for our toddler before the birth, or after - you know how these things are. 

Ideally I'd (the dad) be sleeping/going to sleep/putting to sleep our toddler in our bedroom or in the next room and we wondering what's worked for you? 

I was thinking about a floor mattress or tri fold, even a shiatsu mat but haven't found the seemingly right thing when I search online. 

Your help is appreciated!



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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, and it might be too soon for a two year old, but when our son was transitioning into a 'big kid' bed, we got him a trundle bed, so that there was another little bed that pulls out in case he wanted one of us to sleep next to him ... we also made it a habit of always pulling the lower trundle bed out at night in case he moved too much in his sleep and fell out of his bed (which happened a few times as he got used to his bed!). It worked brilliantly for us, as you can push it right back in during the daytime and get some space back, and the trundle frame even came with additional storage components at the bottom. We're now using it for his younger sister who's transitioned out of her smaller bed.

I'm doing research for the same thing and have read a lot of folks have success with floor beds. Some folks place ikea slats on the floor and put a twin or full size mattress on top. I've also seen some folks take a simple ikea bedframe and chop off the legs so it's closer to the ground. We are limited on space so will likely get a horizontal twin murphy bed and install it closer to the ground so we can have the floor space to play when not sleeping. This way it can grow with the kiddo as well. Best of luck in the search for the solution that works for your home!

If you're on Instagram, check out @paulamoralesmcdowell - she has a Floor Bed highlight with great info.

Some good options come up if you search "Montessori floor bed." I know many families choose a full mattress (or even larger) so there's room for a parent. We recently switched to a twin floor bed for our 1.5 year old (well, for the first part of the night) and it's gone well! Good luck!