Jumpy House for Toddler B-day Party

Our son is turning 3 the first week in May and I'm pretty sure I want to do a jumpy house.

Does anyone know if you need a permit?  Or can you just set up shop the day of your party, assuming you're not taking a reserved picnic space?

Any pro tips going into this that you wish you had known about before you rented a jumpy house?  Do you recommend any particular vendor?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Parent Replies

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Yes, most parks charge an additional fee for this and require a permit.  It is usually not much more than the regular picnic reservation/permit fee.  If you are looking to secure a permit without a corresponding picnic reservation then it may cost more but I would contact whichever parks department manages the park and ask.  

We just rented a jumpy house this past weekend for my daughter’s birthday. We used Bay Area Jump and they were great. Setup and pickup were handled by them and they were on time and everything went smoothly. I don’t know about permits (we did it at our house) but I would imagine that would depend on the park you’re planning to use. If it’s a city park, check the website for the city parks department. If it’s an East Bay Regional Park, check their website or call them. 

If it’s at a public park check with Parks & Rec. They’re not allow at all parks.