TMJ + Pregnancy: Alternative medicine

Hi network: I am pregnant with my second child. My TMJ and pregnancy are not playing nicely together, and I'm ending up with severe TMJ-initiated migraines several days a week. I would like to pursue acupuncture, massage and potentially PT to see if I can get some relief. 

I see some pre-natal acupuncture recommendations on this site, but I'm not sure about the TMJ overlay. Can anyone recommend a TMJ-related acupuncture, massage or PT provider? It's OK if they're SF-based, too; I'm willing to travel for relief. 


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I saw an incredible PT in Pleasant Hill through John Muir for horrible TMJ pain about 10 years ago (I could barely open my mouth, and also had horrible migraines). I was not pregnant, but the care was so exceptional that I wanted to recommend her! I saw Leslie Hisaka, PT. Highly recommend. My TMJ has been 99% better since that time, and I attribute this to her help and tips about prevention and treatment! Good luck!

Hi, sorry to hear you are struggling!  I have suffered from TMJD my whole life (all molars are fractured!) and am so happy to have found a local acupuncturist specializing in TMJD.  She uses microcurrents during the treatment and has studied functional neurology and somehow the combination of her skills leaves me without any tension in my jaw at all.  After the first treatment, I felt totally different because I guess I didn't know what it felt like to have no tension in my jaw and neck!  I will continue to see her for this and highly suggest trying her.  I've never seen her for pregnancy but I know she sees a lot of pregnant ladies, too.

Claudia Venn L.Ac. MSTCM
510 859 4177

Hi Anonymous,

Ugh I am sorry about your pain and headaches. Sometimes pregnancy hormones exacerbate everything. I am a mama on BPN to a 2.5 year old and 7.5 month old.  I highly highly recommend Ariel Provasoli who is a chiropractor in Berkeley who specializes in pre-natal care. I've been seeing her through both pregnancies, postpartum, all of it.

Good luck and I hope you find some relief!!!

I got help from an osteopath for my TMJ (and also for lots of other things pregnancy related!) I saw Catherine Henderson at 902 Santa Fe in Albany. She is no longer there but I'm sure their other practitioners are great. Good luck!