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Hello! Any parents of students at Sankofa or Prescott willing to connect or comment about their recent experience at Prescott or Sankofa with younger kids (TK, K, 1st). I am getting a super late start or selecting my son's school for next year. Prescott is closer geographically, Sankofa intregues me based on the limited info/reviews I have read. Was unforch not able to attend any open houses/tours so we are kind of going in blind. Any and all advise welcome! Because he is an older sibling I feel like this is a big decision as it could possibly "lock us in" somewhere for the next 7 years. Thanks in advance. 

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Can't speak to Sankofa, but Prescott has a fabulous TK teacher, Ms. Simba (

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Hey!! My name is Zazzi with a 2nd grader and We are a current Prescott family here and love it!! Ms. Simba the TK teacher is absolutely amazing. We almost switched my daughter to Sankofa several times but choose to stay at Prescott and love it. Even if I would have switched my daughter to sankofa I would have still sent my son who is in PreK now to Prescott to be in TK with Ms. Simba. Please feel free to message me if you would like more info about ms. Simba, TK or Prescott. 

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I would ask these questions when you make contact with families/staff at either school

How does the school help kids who are having big feelings find a positive outlet so that they can get their needs met and also so that other kids can have a calm peaceful learning environment? How does the school work with kids who have different learning styles so they can be supported? What are the school wide behavior expectations and how does staff help hold those up? How does the school support English language learners so they can be an integrated part of the school community?

Wishing you the best!


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Good day Parent! I am a Prescott parent and have one son going into the 1st grade. We absolutely love Prescott and advise any parent to enroll their young child into this loving school house. Our son's TK/K teacher was Ms. Simba. Ms. Simba is an excellent teacher, one of the best in all of OUSD, and as a parent I felt totally blessed to have her teach our son in his first year of school. She is super caring, supportive and knowledgeable. At the beginning of the school year we shared that we had a reading goal for our son, at the time could only read three letter words. At the end of the school year he was reading at a 2nd grade level! How wonderful! 
The school has a garden/play area specifically for the little ones, has an active PTA, has an onsite garden teacher for the whole school, is culturally conscience, and so much more. We absolutely love our small school and would welcome a more robust conversation if you'd like. I hope you choose Prescott for your little one, I'm sure you all would love it too!