TK at Melrose Leadership Academy

Hi all - I'm currently in the process of applying for TK in the OUSD for our 4 year old. She's bilingual (Spanish/English) having attended a bilingual preschool from age 2 to 4 and speaking Spanish and English at home. We'd like to keep her in a bilingual program, but options for TK are fairly limited.

We've heard good things about peoples' experience with Melrose, and I'm hoping anyone with a child in attendance could speak to a few questions I have:

- General experience with the program? Both lingual and more generally academic

- After-school care experience? We both work full time, so after-care is a must.

- Experience with the educators?

- Drop off and pick up ease/difficulty?

- Did you stick with it after TK?

Our neighborhood Elementary would be Montclair FWIW, and the rest of our list of TK schools are not bilingual (Sequoia, Glenview, Thornhill, Hillcrest). So if anyone has any experience with any of these would also be very helpful. Unfortunately we've been out of town and tour dates have been very difficult, so we're relying on virtual tours and parent recommendations.

Thanks so much!

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