TK and K recommendations near Albany

We just moved to east bay and are looking for a TK and K school for my son. Any recommendations? I prefer a school setting rather than a small center at a house. We live in Albany, so El Cerrito, Albany and Berkeley are all good. I tried Nia House but no luck. Looking forward to hearing more ideas!

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Honestly, being in the Albany school district is why people pay so much to live in Albany for. I'm just blocks from Albany and my partner and I have discussed moving to get our kids into the public school there. My kid is entering K too. 

Have a look at The Berkeley School's Early Childhood Center on Francisco. It's a gem. Three teachers in every classroom, sweet campus in a nature setting. 

Prospect Sierra is opening a TK next fall. My child has been there for 2 years and another starts in the fall. I would honestly trust any program they put together. It is an amazing place.