Timing move to Alameda

Currently, we live in Castro Valley and would like to move to Alameda. I have a 1st grader who attends special day class in CV and am wondering when is the best time of year to move so as to qualify for Alameda school enrollment. I realize that we've missed the deadline for the 2021-2022 school year but am planning for the future. If anyone has any information on Alameda's special education program, I'd appreciate that, too. Thank you.

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Alameda does enrollment in January. But it really depends what grade your child will be when you move, and what school you are zoned for. Some schools are often overenrolled (like Edison), but other schools are not. In some schools, certain grades are full and certain grades have lots of space. That said, most schools are good in Alameda so if you don't get into your neighborhood school, chances are good you'll get into another school that is just as good. When you get closer to your move, you can call the district office and ask for information.

RE: Timing move to Alameda ()

Hello, we moved to Alameda in December a few years ago to meet the January kinder enrollment deadline for the school of our choice, but even if you move right before (or during) the school year the public school has to accept your kiddo. I think it only becomes an issue if you want to get into a school that tends to overenroll. Last time I looked, schools on the east end, Otis and Edison, did have a few students that wanted to enroll but had to be placed in another school because they were full. When that happens, I believe that that kids who enroll the latest have to switch to a different school, so timing matters in that situation. But generally Alameda does neighborhood schools so you'd be assigned based on where you live.

In terms of special education, we had a fairly traumatic experience trying to get an IEP for our son during COVID. I think it is pretty standard for schools to do this, but they seemed to want to avoid doing a meaningful evaluation and then drag everything out for months, and now are only doing services over zoom. But if your child already has an IEP, you won't have to deal with that unfun process. Currently the kids in special day class are going in person to school, and my understanding is that the schools plan to open in person next year for everyone. In addition, our experiences with the individual special education providers and OT have been very positive. They are warm and kind and have brought materials to drop off at our home during COVID. In terms of the big picture, the district's special education director is about to retire, so I am not sure what changes that will bring. I hope this is helpful. I am happy to connect with you individually if you'd like- the moderator can share my contact with you.