Timeline for billing Alta Bates delivery

How long does it take to get a bill from Alta Bates for labor and delivery? We had our son over 6 weeks ago and and haven't heard a thing online or by mail. Is this usual?

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We delivered last year at Alta Bates, and had a bit of a mess with their billing department.  We actually pre-paid in total (3 months before due date) for our delivery, since our insurance had a set out-of-pocket limit. Then, we got a bill (online) about 7 weeks after delivery, saying that we never paid, and that our bill was overdue. It took them almost 3 months to sort it all out. This was all through Sutter Health, my provider's network... I guess their billing departments don't interact well. So 6 weeks doesn't seem out of character, but I'd recommend contacting the Alta Bates billing department anyway to make sure that something screwy isn't going on. 

Yes. I think my bill took more than 6 weeks as I remember it arrived after my post-party’s visit. If you have insurance they will bill them first and then send you a bill for copay or the balance. You’ll also get a separate bill from the doctors’ group that delivered you. 

My son was born in January, and I didn't get the bill until October. Apparently they were working out some dispute with my insurance company.