Time for facial fillers eek!

Hi BPN, I am 58, saggy and ready to try fillers on my face but I’m scared that I will have terrible bruising (though I don’t bruise easily) and super nervous that it won’t look natural. Help! If you have had fillers, have you bruised? Did you like how it came out? Any recommendation for a practitioner who does fillers? Anyone to avoid? Any tips on preventing bruising? All thoughts are welcome. Thank you!

~Saggy mama 

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Dr. Julia Graves is my dermatologist. Her office is on Pill Hill in Oakland. She prescribes my Retin A, which I use religiously. A few years ago I had a bit of extra cash and tried a filler for the naso-labial and Marionnette lines. No bruising, no side effects. I would recommend her.

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I just had a great experience at a place in Novato ( highly recommended by a good friend.)  The practitioner was Janet and the name of the place is called luminous. She did fillers and Botox- she was highly aware of my need to look very natural and did not try to upsell me at all. I had a little bruising but per Janet’s suggestion I used arnica pills and cream. No one noticed the bruises but everyone said how refreshed I looked!! Good luck. I am so glad I did it.

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Hi Mama! I'm 40 and have been doing fillers for... many years lol. I have found that potential for bruising is a bit related to location of the fillers + pure luck. I would say don't let it hold you back if this is something you want to do.

If you are having fillers near your eyes (think right under your eyes), there's potential for bruising. If the provider needs to firmly massage the filler in to mold/distribute it, there's potential for bruising. These were the two instances in which I got bruises. One was a small spot under my eye, and the other was many, many years ago when I got fillers in my nasolabial folds and fillers back then it had to be massaged really hard. That has changed and I have not bruised from fillers in the nasolabial folds in the last 5 years or so. If you get your lips filled, you'll most likely get bruising.

But if you're doing your cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin, or temples, the risk of bruising is pretty minor, and it'll just be a spot here or there, nothing to make you look like you were in a bar fight. The bruise will last for a couple weeks but will fade after a week.

I go to SkinSpirit Oakland (Montclair) and they are very good. The one time I did get a bruise from filler around my eye, my provider Samsara zapped it with a laser that sped up the healing (definitely recommend them and Samsara). I think fillers are definitely worth it, and just let your provider know you want to start off with small amounts/be conservative, and most would do that anyway. I absolutely do not want to end up looking like an over-filled Real Housewife, and I feel like I've been able to keep it subtle over the years. The look you want to go for is just a few years younger than you are now, and most providers will get that and help you achieve it.

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Hi - I'm 55 and also very nervous about injectables. Have had botox a 2 or 3 times in SF Dr's office, and most recently Icecreamwala Dermatology, Berkeley for the elevens between brows (they include some forehead in this). They were good. I wanted to be conservative. There was absolutely no upsell, and they did a free 2 week booster (optional). I saw the PA. Planning to go back to them.