Tice creek school in Walnut Creek

Does anyone know much about this new project based learning school? I keep hearing amazing things about it.  We were looking at moving to lamorinda for the schools, but I am now seriously considering Walnut Creek because it seems to offer more- great downtown shopping and dining, more diversity, and great schools (especially this new Tice Creek which is supposedly very innovative and special). And commute seems same if you live on west side of Walnut Creek adjacent to Lafayette.  Tice creek is k-8 which I love. I love the idea of skipping the rough "middle school years".  I know Tice is opt in and may be hard to get in - anyone know chances of getting in?  I am interested in the parkmead neighborhood that is walking distance to Tice creek, parkmead an los Lomas as well as downtown.  Any other suggestions?  Any feedback on Tice creek and Walnut Creek (vs lamorinda schools and community) would be helpful. Thx!

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I can't speak to Tice Creek school -- my kids are high school aged, but I live in the Parkmead neighborhood and it's great.  Great walkability yet quiet (except for Newell Ave. -- don't buy a house there!).  My husband walks to BART, and there's also a free bus to BART that picks up in front of Las Lomas.  I never drove my kids to school -- they walked to Parkmead, rode the bus or their bike (via Iron Horse Trail) to middle school, and now walk to Las Lomas.

The only downside IMO is some freeway noise, but it's a worthy tradeoff.

I don't think you get to skip the rough middle school years just because you're at a K-8 school though.  The developmental changes that are happening are going to affect kids regardless of location.

Hi, my children attend Tice Creek school and we love it. It's a project-based school so while they still learn the Common Core curriculum, they do so differently. Lots of collaboration and lots of presentations. These kids will definitely be ready for any modern workplace -- they are almost better at giving Powerpoint presentations than my husband! They also have something called Genius Hour where the kids pick their own topics of study -- some are taught by teachers (forensics, cartooning) and some kids work on their own (learning different languages, etc.). There is also a great emphasis on community -- one of my 6th grade daughter's favorite part of school is working with the 1st graders. The best thing has been to see how engaged all the children are in their own schooling, and how excited they are to go to school. I also appreciate that they don't get a ton of homework so that they can play after school or go to activities. It may be tough to get in at this point but I think it depends on the grade. It is well worth trying! I also want to say how much I love Walnut Creek. When we decided to move from Rockridge through the tunnel, we thought we would live in Lamorinda but we got turned off by how much pressure there was in the schools, and also how wealthy the towns were. I live within walking distance of Broadway Plaza, less than a mile from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Safeway, and yet when I drive into my neighborhood it feels rural and quaint. At night it is really dark and we can actually see stars. We were also able to afford a bigger house with a pool and I feel like our quality of life overall has really improved.