Thoughts on St. John’s pre-school in Berkeley?


We’ve just gotten off the waitlist at St. John’s in Berkeley for the infant room. Curious to hear from current and former parents how the experience has been (pros and cons); most of the reviews date to 2017 or earlier.  Are there any current parents that can help us?

Parent Replies

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Hi! Our son is at St. John's currently. He started when we moved here at 18 months (in the wobbly room) and is still there at almost 27. He is really happy at school! He eats well, sleeps well, and loves his teachers. Two of the teachers actually babysit for us on the weekends, too. There are lots of toys, painting and art activities, outdoor play, and walks around the neighborhood. He comes home singing songs and knowing about books we've never read or talked about. I feel like the communication is really good, and we can always reach one or both of the directors via email or phone readily. They aren't fussy about things--or overly regimented (though of course there's a daily schedule). It feels like the teachers have a good grasp on how to take care of a child based on his/her development. I can't speak to the baby room at all, but if we have a second, I would definitely send him/her to St. John's without question. Feel free to reach out directly if you want to ask more specific questions.

We are a recent St. John's family - our son started in the infant room at 1 and we just left the Busy Bee room this past year, when he was 4.5. If there's a spot in the infant room, I'd jump on it. The infant room teachers are wonderful and warm and it's a very caring, family-friendly environment. We loved being part of the community and I would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have.