Thoughts on Hybrid Nanny/Daycare Situation

I am only a few weeks from my EDD and feel so behind on planning childcare for when I return to work. To paint the picture, my job gives me the flexibility to work at least 2-3 days remote. My partner’s job requires him to be in office full time.  Additionally, both my partner and I work in San Francisco while we live in Pleasant Hill.

Im struggling to decide which option will work best: nanny/nanny share or daycare. And if daycare, should it be in Pleasant Hill, San Francisco or anywhere in between. 

What is everyone’s thoughts on possibly doing nanny/nanny share on my remote days, and then daycare on days I’m in office? Has anyone done this? If, so where would you recommend daycare - close to work or close to home?

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I think you will be giving yourself an extra challenge to find two different childcare situations that are both ok with part-time. Another concern is your baby adjusting to two different caregiver(s) plus mom and dad.  I would recommend looking into both types of childcare until you find one provider that works for your schedule.

Common wisdom is that unless you are getting employer subsidized childcare at or near your workplace, your childcare should be close to home. Given that you and your partner both work across a bridge, the goal would be for at least one of you to transition to a workplace that is closer to home as well (or at least not as far away as SF) in the event of an emergency situation.

Daycare is rarely/never cost effective on a part time basis (among the daycare centers). You pretty much have to be full time to get a good rate. So I would not recommend splitting between daycare and nanny share unless you find a home daycare that likes a part time option. Given the specifics of your situation, I would go with daycare close to home (or nanny). Good luck!