Thoughts on Berkeley Rose Waldorf for preschool?

Hi parents,

I am considering Berkeley Rose Waldorf as a preschool for my daughter. Would love to hear thoughts from parents whose children attend/have attended in the recent past. I am familiar with the Waldorf methodology but since all schools are different would love to hear from parents familiar with the school.

Any opinions on the facility, teachers, curriculum, quality of care/education approach? How do you like it for your child? How does your child like it there? Pros? Cons? Things to consider? Any advice is much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

Parent Replies

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I would suggest enrolling in one of the parent-child classes Berkeley Rose offers. I attended one with my child several years ago when they were located in North Berkeley. Ultimately we decided that Waldorf wasn’t a good fit for us (vaccine hesitancy among the families pre-COVID was a negative for us among several other factors). Joining a parent-child class will give you a good feel for the culture of the school and a chance to meet other parents and kids who will probably be in your child’s cohort should you decide to attend for preschool and beyond.