Is there a Carousel open anywhere near the Bay Area?

I have a toddler very keen on going on a carousel or kids train. Of course, with COVID-19, all the ones that I know about are closed. I wonder if there are any parks or businesses that have social distancing  measures in place and are open? We live in Oakland but are happy to make a special trip far afield if it involves a carousel.

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The one at Pier 39.  We went early one day to watch the sea lions and got suckered in.  It's $5 a person and everyone has to wear gloves.  It was super short so we had a very pissed off 3 year old when it was over because he was just getting into it.

Also by the time we had waited in line and ridden, Pier 39 was full of people, many of whom were not masking.  

 Fairyland is now open - you have to reserve slots in advance.

Tilden park has one, but it appears it's closed for covid.
Pier 39 has one.  Can't tell if it's open.  And Santa Cruz has probably the best one there is. 

Check out Nut Tree plaza in Vacaville! They have a cute carousel and a kids train in the same area! Not sure if it's open during Covid, but worth a drive! 

While Fairyland has reopened, all the rides are closed. Not sure I understand the logic behind that, but there you go. We went to Classic Pumpkin Patch in Castro Valley that had some small carnival rides, but no carousel. Everyone was masked and there was good sanitation.

Train Town in downtown Sonoma is a tiny small kid-friendly amusement park with a real steam engine that goes around the park, a Carousel, small roller coaster, small up and down plane ride and animals to feed (llamas, goats) with the majority of the rides geared to smaller kids.  The train ride is super fun and the park has picnic tables if you want to bring lunch.  Not sure they are open now but when they are it's worth a trip.