Therapy for 9 Year Old Newly Diagnosed with OCD


In recent months my nearly 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety. She attended the Kaiser therapy group for anxious kids and it was a positive experience. My husband and I also attended a parenting class for anxious kids which was great.

She has been seeing a therapist one on one at Kaiser that we like, however the erratic schedule for the therapy is too difficult for us. We are considering private therapy for her outside of Kaiser, and wondering how to find a child psychologist that specializes in these issues. Does anyone have a recommendation? It would also be great to hear about other resources out there for kids with OCD. Thanks

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I have a 9 year old with anxiety and some other conditions (not OCD but not out of the ballpark), and we are also a Kaiser family who has done the anxiety group. My suggestion is to hang onto the therapist at Kaiser that you like (assuming your daughter also likes him/her). Accommodate that schedule. Not because it's cheaper but because the benefits of a therapeutic relationship accrue after some trust is built between the child, the parents, and the therapist. If the therapist you have isn't an OCD expert, they should be consulting with other Kaiser professionals who are to supplement their knowledge and best serve your daughter.

I also can share that my 9 year old's anxiety has been helped by Prozac. It is not a great feeling to put your small child "on drugs" but when it helps them sleep and handle daily life so much better, I don't regret it.