Therapist who works with creatives or specializes in midlife?

Somewhere along the line, I allowed my creative life to wither and die, and now, at the midpoint of my life, I'm bereft and I need to make some changes to sort out how to get back on track. I'd love to work with a therapist who understands this and has a no-nonsense approach. A caveat: I don't have much patience for woo. I like straight shooters. Thanks!

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Hey This is not exactly what you are asking for, but at the age of 40 and after a couple years of a break from artmaking I finally cracked open “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron 

it might be what you are looking for.., 

for me just the Morning Pages assignment has been incredibly useful as a way to get back to my studio practice.

good luck 

Hi!  I would suggest an expressive arts therapist.  Some are woo. Some  aren't.  You'll get a vibe probably right away from each therapist's website.  I would suggest looking on Psychology Today, typing in your city.  You'll see a list of therapists in that city.  Then, on the left scroll down to 'Types of Therapy' and selecting Expressive Arts.  I hope that helps!  Best of luck!