Therapist who deals with teen body image issues

We have a 15 yo teen who is in pain.  She is cutting, suicidal and recently announced she is non-binary.  She has a therapist and is in an outpatient program but I think a lot of this started after she had spinal fusion surgery.  She is beautiful and very creative but has low self esteem.  I'd really like to talk to a specialist who has experience with body image issues.  Thanks!

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I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. It's so hard when your child is suffering :(

The therapists we know of who work with body image issues in the east bay (we've researched a bunch) are Arielle Trost, Maria Christina Stewart, Elizabeth Burns Kramer, Diana Divsalar, and Vandana Aspen. We needed a lot of names because all of them had waitlists. So many teenage girls have body image issues... in this culture and climate, how can you not. Hang in there and may the force be with you.

- SA

Sounds like you have a therapist, but I highly recommend Dr. Sharon Tyson in Albany.  I found her for my daughter through a friend whose teen daughter was suicidal and cutting frequently.  She helped my teen daughter with anxiety and cutting.  She ran an adolescent treatment program for many years.  Perhaps she could offer consultation?  Best of luck to you and your daughter.