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I am looking for a therapist in Berkeley for my 15 year old son who is having some emotional struggles in and out of school and has a hard time talking about his feelings. I think a male therapist would be a good fit.
Please include a phone number  or email with any recommendations. I sorted through the old suggestions, but wasn’t able to get contact info for many of the therapists people recommended. 

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My 15-year-old son sees Anthony Granieri in Berkeley.   He as a realistic approach to therapy without all the psycho babble.   He also has a realistic understanding of parenting and family issues.   He has about 40 years experience and even though you may feel he's on the older side for your son to relate to,  I think he's pretty cool and my son likes him.

Anthony - 510-703-1084

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My 17-yr old son is working with a male therapist named Scott Fischer, who is very relatable with teens, and this is the first therapist (out of three) that my son has "clicked with". Scott specializes in working with teens/young adults with anxiety, ADD, etc. His methods work for my son, because they talk while walking or moving around rather than sitting face-to-face in an office (which my son found intimidating). Scott is very laid back and has helped my son really express himself and get to the "core" of his feelings, rather than focusing on quick behavioral fixes. We have tried CBT in the past to treat anxiety and my son will be the first to report that the behavioral habit reversal techniques only addressed his symptoms but not the cause. You can learn more about Scott at or at scott.fischer81 [at]

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We love and recommend enthusiastically Dr John Prosise, therapist in Berkeley, (510)-244-3833. See his website: He is brilliant and kind, and hones in so quickly to the places where work is needed. He works with ages 14 and up, through to the elderly.