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My daughter is a sophomore in high school, and very unhappy. She went out of district for middle school, and hasn't yet found a group of friends at high school.  She is quite shy and cautious and reluctant to try new things so refuses to join a club or a sport.  The longer this goes on, the more unhappy she is. Today she stayed in bed and refused to go to school, though eventually got herself up and went late. I'm worried about this getting worse. I'd love recommendations on a therapist for her to talk to.  She won't want to see anyone, I'll have to force it.

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I have the same situation. Would you like to talk. message me.

Cathy Carr is a warm, amazing therapist who has helped my shy, anxious girl navigate middle and high school. So sorry your daughter is going through this..... it’s so hard! If she is at Berkeley high, do keep encouraging her to try a club..... there are some nice smaller ones that are very welcoming. Another idea is see if she’d like to volunteer at an animal shelter? The City of Berkeley shelter has a wonderful program for teen volunteers and there are lots of nice kids there. The sweet dogs and cats can provide a good social buffer ;)

Hi, Sorry your teen is struggling! We have worked with both Emily & Quetzal at Love Your Nature in Berkeley. We love them and can't speak highly enough of their presence and skillfulness. Check out their girls groups in Berkeley. They also do a retreat in Spring and Summer, and offer 1:1's. Best of luck.

My child has had a good experience in therapy with Amy Walthall, Psy.D. You can reach her at

amywalthall510 [at]

Sounds a little like my daughter. She is a sophomore at Berkeley High and saw Neil Howell neil [at] He is a really wonderful and kind therapist who uses CBT. He has an office in Berkeley and SF. He got my daughter back on track and feeling much better within about 6 months of going to therapy weekly. She was struggling with depression and anxiety, and also lacked a friend group when she started high school. Now she has a lot of individual friends and she feels much better. Neil helped her enormously.