Therapist Recommendations for Mid-Life Crisis

Hi neighbors, I'm in a downward spiral with a mid-life crisis and am looking for recommendations for a counselor/therapist that can work with me to help work through some issues.

Generally, the crisis is related to issues that I'm having in my career that I can't find a way to resolve, having experienced a painful set-back two years ago that I haven't been able to come back from.  This has led to some debilitating self-worth/confidence issues that are so overwhelming to me that I fear that my marriage and relationship with my children are being impacted.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for therapists in or near Berkeley.  Thanks in advance!

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Lisa Lancaster is absolutely fantastic--I found her via other recommendations here on BPN and had amazing progress after just a few sessions. A truly insightful and skilled therapist. Good luck to you!

Original poster here - I forgot to mention a critical piece of info that I have BlueCross BlueShield insurance and would hope to find a therapist that takes this insurance.  Thanks!!

I wanted to just write and say I HEAR YOU!  I literally feel like I could have written almost the exact same post, and I wanted you to know you are not alone and there's nothing wrong with you!  I have been reading "Why We Can't Sleep" and it has been incredibly reassuring to know that my experience is actually quite normal, and that it will likely get better. I do have a great therapist but unfortunately, her practice is full.  Huge kudos to you for reaching out to others, and taking these positive steps forward for yourself.  Just keep walking and keep the faith.