Therapist for middle-aged woman with anxiety

Seeking therapist for middle-aged single woman for support around anxiety, relationships, and parent loss, in or near Berkeley.  Hoping for someone with admirable wisdom (hope this makes sense) and use of spiritual, relational, and practical approaches.

Thank you!

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I highly recommend you meet with my therapist Yvonne Mansell. She is all you seek! I first met Yvonne through one of her divorced mom support groups five years ago. I have been seeing her for individual therapy for the last 18 months. I find her to be warm, professional, compassionate, and also happily well matched with my own eclectic spiritual approach to life. Of all the therapists that I've seen, I find her coaching approach to be immensely practical and helpful. Her office is on San Pablo in Albany right on the border of Berkeley. Best wishes! ‭(510) 528-9551‬


I would hugely urge you to seek out Dr. Lisa Lancaster.  She has been incredibly helpful to me with a number of the issues you mentioned.  She is in Berkeley near the Oakland boarder.  Her number is 510-841-2525.

Cambria Lowe would be perfect! I struggled with anxiety for years and she really helped me with that.It’s really hard for me to get comfortable at a therapists office so to help me relax Cambria suggested a non verbal approach so I decided to draw. It was really interesting to see the subconscious stuff that came up in the drawing. She also specializes in trauma and marriage counseling. Cambria has offices in Berkeley and San Jose as well.Very warm sweet individual I hightly recommend.