Therapist recommendation that takes Beacon Health, Kaiser partner

Any recommendations for therapists with availability that take the Kaiser partner insurance, "Beacon Health Options?" I have had a very difficult time finding a therapist, and am getting frustrated going through their official channels to get a recommendation. There is such a long delay waiting through their phone system, and the first batch of names they gave me were not helpful (not taking new patients, scattered and unprofessional, or not returning my calls at all). So I would very much appreciate a personal recommendation.

Issues I'm dealing with, if that helps to make better recommendations: anxiety, depression, the difficulty of parenting bringing up childhood trauma/abuse, living with a partner that is struggling with addiction/alcoholism, plus all the COVID and working while guiding school at home stress. 

Many thanks. 

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I can highly recommend my therapist who I have through Beacon/Kaiser: Claudia Viazzoli in Mill Valley (but of course doing telemedicine now).