Therapist Recommendation for 23yr old w Depression (medication Resistant)

Seeking recommendation of a CBT or other psychotherapist, who specializes in treatment of depression with young adults. Our son is a bright, thoughtful, compassionate  23 year old who has medication resistant depression. He really wants to get better and has tried numerous anti depressants alone and in combination without positive results. He has had numerous negative medication side effects, despite having had genetic testing(Gene Sight) for potential successful anti depressants. Holistic approaches, welcome.

Please let us know if you have any recommendations. He is losing hope.

Thank you

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I wanted to ask if you have considered a Wilderness program for him.  My son was struggling with severe depression for a few years starting at 17.  He is now 23 also.  We tried different meds, therapy, different interventions and nothing seemed to help.  Long story short, we ended up sending him to Evoke Therapy in Utah and while I was very apprehensive about this program, it ended up being the best gift we could have ever given to him.  He did therapeutic work that he never could have accomplished here at home.  Fast forward 18 months:  he is has girlfriend and is back at school full-time.   He is happy and able to express himself in ways I never thought possible.  I asked him recently what he thought had the most impact  in his life in regards to the healing process and he did not hesitate to say his time in Wilderness.  Also, his therapist here in Berkeley was dead set against  wilderness, saying that there was no way he would handle it.  Well he did, learned he could and came out knowing himself .  I suggest you give their intake people a call to discuss your situation.  Another one we liked was Open Sky.  Best of luck.  You can ask the moderator for my contact info if you want.

I suggest getting rid of all fragrances and cleaning chemicals. Perfumes can cause depression.

Also, lots of time outdoors in fresh air getting exercise. Open windows when inside.

Hope this helps.