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I am seeking an excellent therapist for my (almost) 10 year old daughter.  I am seeking a female therapist who is experienced with this age group, warm, smart and healing.  I can't find any recent recommendations.  Someone in Berkeley area or near by would be best.

Thanks so much.

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Taryn Thomas is excellent therapist and has a specialty working with children and teens. Her office is in downtown Berkeley and the phone is 510-496-6070. She's very warm, funny, and supportive. Betting your daughter will like her.

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Dear MT, 

I highly recommend you contact Rebecah Freeling.   We met Rebecca at our daughter's preschool and worked with her first with our preschooler last year as we were going through some rough times with her and were lost, needing professional advice to learn and to better support our daughter. Rebecca worked magic!  Within 3 weeks our daughter had become so much more manageable and we felt so empowered. We continued that program for 12 weeks and we still use the tools and the wisdom learned during that time. 

As we became so comfortable and confident with Rebecah, we asked her for help with our pre-teen daughter with whom we had different needs, but not easier to handle as parents.  In that case too, Rebecah was extremely helpful, supportive and successful. She taught our daughter new tools to address situations assertively, she managed to build a  very close relationship to our daughter in record time, getting her to express feelings and emotions, putting words on them, or drawing about them, helping her to communicate and get help to manage these. 

What I really appreciate working with Rebecah is that she works with the whole family.  The child is not stigmatized, the parents are not blamed. Rebecah is there to help, and adapts to what you are open to as a family. She always proposed ways and came with several options if we were not open to them at first.  She is amazing with kids, gets down to their level, obviously loves them deeply, has fun with them, and loves helping them and their family finding ways to better communicate, better handle challenging situation, better understand their emotions, and become savvy at navigating life challenges that come at any age (from tantrums to school start to pre-teen dramas, to teenage conflicts, etc...) . 

Give her a try, you won't be disappointed. You and your child will get out of there empowered.  That is how we felt and still feel to this day. And I know that Rebecah is always there to help if we need her advice again.