Therapist for 10yo girl with anger and impulse control issues

I am seeking help finding an excellent therapist who can help us with our 10 year old daughter with major anger and impulse control issues. She has just moved to live with me in Oakland in the summer and attending a new school, 4th grade. I’m a single dad, educated professional, so is her mother, my ex wife.

She has gotten into all sorts of trouble with other girls at her new school which has just resulted in her    suspension for threatening other students. Kaiser does not have appointments for weeks out. Private pay referrals are welcome.

Thank you.

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We have had good results with Reyna Cowan, PhD. My 9 year old son loves her and we found her to be especially good with working with him. Her office is in Rockridge near Trader Joe's.  Phone number: 510-601-0232

Hi there, 

Our daughter also has anger and emotional regulation challenges.  We are just starting family therapy with Dr. Anthony Guinieri in Berkeley for this.  We spoke with several therapists and like his approach.  

Also, if your child is getting suspended due to behavioral issues, I’d recommend you contact DREDF (disability rights education and defense fund) and speak with an advocate to get more information about different strategies to get your child the support she needs with your school district.  

We found Jason Keppe to be really helpful.

Please, do not let Kaiser continue to get away with NOT providing the services that they are required to provide by law (Affordable Health Care Act).  They are required to provide your family with parity in Mental Health as compared with physical health.  You can actually go "out of network" and force Kaiser to pay for a local licensed therapist to serve your family.  It is a simple process to make this happen.

Kaiser also tries to get out of their legal responsibility by not having appointments available weekly for therapists, often only allowing families to have appointments every 4 to 6 weeks because their limited number of therapists are overbooked.  But the standard of care for therapy is weekly appointments and you have the right to receive this type of care.

We have a similar age daughter and anger issues. You might look into Meghan Tunson in Oakland. I liked her alot (my daughter stopped seeing her because a trek to Oakland was going to be too difficult for us). I thought she was really skilled in dealing with strong personalities and kiddos that are hesitant to talk.

We also really liked Laura Rainville in Rockridge - has a more gentle style.  Perhaps one of them will be a fit.